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Tunnelblick Launching at Login

Tunnelblick is launched when you log in under any of the following circumstances:

  • If Tunnelblick has disabled network access. (It will pop up a window asking if you want to re-enable network access.)

  • If any VPN is not disconnected. (Tunnelblick's icon will show the VPN's status.)

  • If Tunnelblick was running when you last logged out or shut down or restarted your computer. (On the assumption that you want to leave Tunnelblick running all the time, even when a VPN is not connected.)

When it is running without a VPN connected, Tunnelblick uses only a small amount of computer resources (typically less than 0.1% CPU and 10 MB of memory - 0.25% of a 4 GB system), so most users just leave it running all the time so it is available from the menu bar whenever they need it.

If you'd rather have Tunnelblick not run even if it was running when you logged out or shut down or restarted your computer, you can set a Tunnelblick preference to do that. It must be done using /Applications/Utilities/Terminal. Copy and then paste the following line into Terminal:

defaults write net.tunnelblick.tunnelblick doNotLaunchOnLogin -bool yes

Press the enter/return key to execute the command.

Then quit Tunnelblick if it is running, launch it, and quit it again.

To undo the change, copy and paste the following into Terminal:

defaults delete net.tunnelblick.tunnelblick doNotLaunchOnLogin

Again, press the enter/return key to execute the command.

Note that Tunnelblick will still be launched when you log in if it has disabled network access or if any VPN is not disconnected.

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